Frequently asked questions

Do I need to submit my research to the new organization now?

Currently, the new organization is in the establishment phase and is not operational. The operational phase of the research management organization is expected to begin in 2025, and at this time a new, coordinated research review and approval process for Nunavik will be implemented. Policies and requirement for research review are being developed and will be shared widely before the research management organization becomes operational. At this time, researchers should pursue research ethics review and regional and community engagement and approvals according to already existing processes and protocols. 

What is the scope of research subject to a review by the new organization?

The new organization will be inclusive of all research topics (i.e. natural sciences, social science, health research; Inuit knowledge and scientific knowledge research), and include externally-led research as well as research being conducted by Nunavik organizations and communities. Defining what activities qualify as research for the purposes of a review under the organization is an important topic that will require further discussion, consultation and policy development throughout the establishment phase. Certain project types may require a special or adapted review process.

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