Nunavik-led Research Governance Body.

June 21st, 2022

To Nunavimmiut and to Nunavik research partners,

We are proud and excited to present to you the Integrated Plan for a new, Nunavik-led research governance body.

The creation of this new research management organization responds to a critical need. For decades, Nunavik organizations and communities have found themselves overwhelmed with responding to research initiatives mostly external to our region, while trying to uphold the needs and interests of Nunavimmiut throughout the process. Despite sustained regional and local efforts, this has been a real challenge, notably due to the imposing amount of research done in the region for the past decades as well as the complicated governance structure. In response to this, and building upon existing processes, this new entity is being created as a way for Nunavik organizations and communities to improve communications and integrate, streamline and centralize research management and governance, by Inuit, for Inuit.

Research can and should be used as a tool by Nunavik Inuit to better our society and as an integral part of self-determination. The new research management organization will allow Inuit to better assert our right to be the drivers of research, rather than primarily research subjects. This will translate in a research agenda that is in full reflection of communities’ priorities and needs; in research projects that uphold Inuit values; and in research results being mobilized within the region for a positive and powerful impact in the lives of Nunavik Inuit.

The Integrated Plan that follows, which is informed by engagements across Nunavik, lays out a ground-up approach with Nunavik communities at the heart of a the culturally competent research review and oversight process. Because Inuit see, feel and experience our environment firsthand, Nunavik communities must be informed first and maintain a central role from the beginning to the end of research projects. By empowering communities in the review and conduct of research, we believe that trust in research can be rebuilt. We further assert that this initiative will benefit the entire research landscape by securing a place for Inuit knowledge holders in planning, undertaking, and analyzing research, and by making sure that research builds from what is already known of our environment while focussing on what has yet to be learned.

What we are proposing is an ambitious, yet critical response to currently unsustainable research system,which is supported by a thorough and realistic plan and strong and widespread Nunavik endorsement. It will take the support of the entire research community for the new research management organization to become the strong, proactive and sustainable organization envisioned for Nunavimmiut. In a fast-changing Arctic environment, now more than ever is the perfect timing to move together into a new era of research governance for Nunavik.

On behalf of our respective organizations, we would like to thank all of those who have contributed to this Integrated Plan and support this process.

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